Sheer Qorma

Dir: Faraz Arif Ansari | Hindi with English Subtitles | World Premiere BFI Flare 2020

Starring Shabana Azmi, Divya Dutta, Swara Bhasker, Kalyanee Mulay, Priya Malik, Jitin Gulati
Written & Directed by Faraz Arif Ansari
Produced by Marijke de Souza
Co-Produced by Keshav Suri, Lotus Visual Productions, Patience Darya, Rajesh Parwatkar
Associate Producers: Deepu Nair & Seema Hari
A Futterwacken Films Presentations

Sheer Qorma is a story of belonging and acceptance, identity and family, and how it comes together under one roof, as resilient, queer Muslim women of color choose to embrace the love that exists beyond their personal beliefs and social moralities.

U for Usha (U Ushacha)

Dir: Rohan Kanawade | Marathi with English Subtitles | 22 min.

Usha, a single mother who works as a farm laborer in rural India, finds herself drawn to a female teacher of local primary school, in ways she never knew possible. This attraction plays an important part, in firing her passion to read and write as she hopes to be as good as the teacher, one day.

‘U Ushacha’ is a subtle portrayal of sexual awakening, as well as how a naïve attraction can empower a woman to take control of her life, and make each day, something to look forward to.

Selected awards:

10th Bagri Foundation London Indian Film Festival, UK, 2019. (UK Premiere) Winner : Satyajit Ray Short Film Award.

30th Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, 2019.  Winner : Best Short Jury Award.

29th Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival, Canada, 2019. 2nd Runner Up in International section “Audience Choice Award” category.

30th Season of Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, India, 2019. Winner: Best Short Film “LGBT” Category.

8th Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival, Mississauga, Canada, 2019. Winner: Best Short Film.

20th Season of Virgin Spring Cinefest, Kolkata, India, 2019. Winner: Gold Award Best Short Film “LGBT” Category.

2nd Nagaon International Short and Documentary Film Festival, 2019. Special Mention by Jury.

The Last Letter

Dir. Vishal Jejurkar | Hindi with English subtitle | 15 min

Producers Lotus Visual Productions, Vishal Jejurkar, Sharanya Rajgopal

Mohan is gay, he is 70 years old, lives in Mumbai, and he is still in the closet. The days in which he grew included times when different sexualities & lifestyles were neither understood nor tolerated. He was a bit too coward to confront society, so he let the “partly-blind” social norms guide his life. He got married to a girl, and in a few years, they had a daughter. He was never attracted to his wife, and with each passing year, the distance between them grew wider. He had nowhere to release his sexual tension, and no one to talk about it. But over the years, Mohan managed to create a fantasy world around him to help him escape from reality and society. His fantasy world was based on three key elements a gramophone, a rocking chair, and his wild imagination; he used to listen to music while sitting on his chair and fantasize about the men he found attractive. To manage complexity in his life, he used to write anonymous letters and then post them without any address or stamp. One day, while Mohan’s wife is cleaning the house, the gramophone accidentally falls to the ground, and along with that gramophone, Mohan’s fantasy world shatters to pieces. The repair shop asked for five days to repair the gramophone. In these five days, Mohan is now unable to escape to the insensitivity of his world. Things start falling apart, and Mohan realizes that he was a slave to the objects that launched him into his fantasy world and without them, he has become remarkably vulnerable. He struggles with the most mundane things that he managed to hide from all these years, he now starts to notice the things that were part of his life all along. He starts to see his world differently. Eventually, Mohan has to make a choice, either return to his fantasy world or face his fears and come out of the closet to live the remaining days of his life being himself.


Dir: Debadriata Bose | Bangali with English Subtitles | 29 min.

Produced by  QDrishti Film Grant 2017 awarded by Lotus Visual Productions through Kashish Arts Foundations.

Shankar’s family does not know why he has lost his job. Shankar is caught up between looking for a new job and his own contemplation. His daily life is dotted with the financial crisis and the awkwardness of being unemployed. Amidst all these things strange illusions come to him. He doesn’t know how to deal with these situations. He cannot share his helplessness with anybody, not even Mohan, with whom he is a bit close. One day he realizes that he cannot anymore communicate with the world around him.

The film can be seen on

Evening Shadows

‘Evening Shadows’ is a Hindi feature film, directed by Sridhar Rangayan and produced by Solaris Pictures. Associate Producers Lotus Visual Productions.

Set in South India and Mumbai, ‘Evening Shadows’ is a tender heartwarming story about a mother-son bond that has to withstand the ravages of time, distance and truths. It’s a slice-of-life story that is appealing to a large cross-section of Indian and International audiences, on Netflix.

The film, since its International Premiere in Sydney at the Mardi Gras Queer Film Festival in February 2018, has screened at more than 67 international film festivals and won 17 audience & jury awards. The film has also won hearts and hosannas. The film had a limited theatrical on January 11th, in 6 cities across India. It also had a small theatrical release in San Francisco, USA.
You can now watch the film on Netflix across the world:


Dir: Faraz Arif Ansari | Silent Film

Associate producers Lotus Visual Productions

Sisak is India’s First Silent LGBTQ Love Story in the format of a Short Feature Film Written & Directed by Faraz Arif Ansari. Starring Jitin Gulati & Dhruv Singhal. Sound Design by the National Award Winner Pritam Das. Music by Dhawal Tandon. This short film is the winner of 59 International Awards.