Director Nick Virk | English | 15 Min

Rehal’s love for Arul is unreciprocated, but Arul believes they can still be friends. One morning over breakfast, the two discuss finding acceptance as brown queer Londoners. They share a cultural understanding of being ostracised by the white heteronormativity of British society, and yet there is a fundamental difference between them. Rehal’s gender non-conformity leads to a conflict between their non-binary authentic self and a pressure to conform – a situation that Arul as a cis man, fails to understand.
They desire to be understood by each other, but in trying to accept each other, their co-dependency leads to toxicity that inevitably erupts. Words are exchanged, some kind, some hurtful. The two realize that in order to heal and grow, they must move away from one another, but in doing so, they seek to lose the one person who might understand them. They learn that acceptance comes from within, not each other.


Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival

UK Asain Film Festival

Florida South Asian Film Festival

First Time-Filmmaker Sessions – Pinewood Studios

SHORT to the Point


Best LGBTQ Short – Independent Shorts Awards

Best Acting Duo – Independent Shorts Awards

Best Production Design – Independent Shorts Awards

Best LGBTQ Film – London Indie Short Festival

Best Director – London Indie Short Festival

Best LGBTQ Short – Indie Short Fest

Best Actor (Finalist) – The British Short Film Awards

Short Narrative (Semi-Finalist) – Dumbo Film Festival